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Forest Hills Stadium in Queens is a New York gem in the middle of a renaissance.

During its first heydey in the 1960s and 70s, the stadium hosted The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, and Simon and Garfunkel. Today, icons such as Paul Simon, Alabama Shakes, and Mumford & Sons are back on stage. Read more history ›





“Top choices for live music in New York City” – NY Daily News

“Must see shows… Here are our picks for the best of the best, so you may spend your entertainment dollars wisely. – AM NY

“Summer music fest highlights that aren’t the headliners: Forest Hills Stadium Concert Series” – Metro NY

“The best of free shows, open-air concerts and unique theatrical events under the stars” – Playbill

“It’s got a musical history that holds up against the massive Manhattan arena’s, too, but unlike MSG, Forest Hills Stadium in Queens has brought bands and fans to a much more bucolic setting for decades.” – Gothamist

“In 2011, the stadium was called a “crumbling ruin,” the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission denied it landmark status, and the West Side Tennis Club got an offer to raze the stadium for a condo development. Instead, they dedicated some time and money into restoring it as a concert venue. Phew. In 2013, concerts returned, but as of this year it’s safe to say they’re really back.” – Gothamist

“Tucked away seven miles from the Manhattan skyline, Forest Hills Stadium is a concrete monument to a dead era that’s now come back to life… This summer Forest Hills Stadium is boasting new improvements and a busy music schedule. We recently got a tour of the grounds, and this is the story of how it came back from the brink.” Gothamist

“Another musical giant is joining the long list of artists playing in Queens this year… It’s been a season of legends at Forest Hills Stadium” – NY-1 

“From your seat, you’re probably just thinking about is how cool it is to see a concert outside at Forest Hills Stadium.” – NY-1

“A perfect night at Forest Hills Stadium — is there any other kind?” – NY Daily News

 “Built in 1923, Forest Hills Stadium housed the United States Singles and then the Open before the event moved to its current home in Flushing Meadows in 1978… The club turned a corner in 2013 when the horseshoe-shaped stadium, where the Beatles once played, was refurbished as a concert venue by the live entertainment company Madison House Presents.” – New York Times 

“On Friday night, Bob Dylan played Queen’s Forest Hills Stadium for the first time in nearly 51 years. The original show—August 28th, 1965—had been Dylan’s first since going electric at the Newport Folk Festival… So it was a cool coincidence that he has back here after so many years. Surely many of the ticketholders knew—the connection had been established by previews in the Post, the Times, even Esquire… and their applause was immense.” – Pitchfork

“Bob Dylan’s Fans Called Him a Traitor. 51 Years Later, He Returns to the Scene of the Crime. Bob Dylan comes full-circle with a return to Forest Hills Stadium.” – Esquire

“If his roadwork is gradually coming to an end, [Paul] Simon couldn’t have picked a more dramatic finale: A relentless downpour, combined with a tornado warning earlier in the day, delayed the outdoor-venue show by an hour and 20 minutes. No wonder the soaked-through audience was happy to hear any mention of precipitation in song; at least the show wasn’t cancelled or postponed.” – Rolling Stone

“Ms. Barakat said she was happy to be neighbors with two friends who live in Forest Hills. She also has enjoyed the local cultural scene, having attended summer concerts at Forest Hills Stadium, one by Dolly Parton and the other by the New York Pops. ‘There is life after Manhattan,’ she said.”New York Times

“[Paul] Simon, 74, told The New York Times this week that his 61-year career was ‘coming towards the end.’ Returning to Forest Hills Stadium, only blocks from where he grew up, brought up even more confusing feelings in Simon… Only time will tell whether Paul Simon’s shows at Forest Hills Stadium turn out to be the punctuation at the end of his legendary career.” – Newsday

“It’s kind of a time warp,” said [Paul] Simon, looking up at the sky over the U.S. Open tennis tournament’s former home [Forest Hills Stadium]. “I’m trying to get over whether it’s strange or just a beautiful dream.” – Associated Press

“The best concert seat in NYC is inside this porta-potty… There is no amount of names you can drop, palms you can grease or cleavage you can show that will get you into the strangest VIP room in New York City. The only key you need for this secret spot in Forest Hills Stadium is a 9-volt battery — and the ability to act like you need to go … to the bathroom.” – New York Post

“There’s a Porta-Potty With a Secret at This New York City Concert Venue… A porta-potty is one of those places you only step into if it’s absolute necessary. Unless it’s the porta-potty at the Forest Hills Stadium, a New York City concert venue.”Travel + Leisure

“Forest Hills Spills Beans On Secret Rooms… Since it re-opened for music, Forest Hills Stadium in New York has hosted VIPs in a number of private, creatively-themed rooms. Now it is starting to let us in on the secret.” – Pollstar

“Thousands of people filled the iconic Forest Hills Stadium in Queens on Friday night to hear the “Louie” creator remind everyone that life’s misery has company.” NY Daily News

“Leaving their usual Carnegie Hall digs for the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, the Pops snap and crackle through a programs that includes guest vocals by two stars of Broadway and TV, Matthew Morrison (Glee) and Megan Hilty (Smash). Steven Reineke wields the baton.” – Time Out NY

“This, the final show of an impressive summer at Forest Hills Stadium (which included Tom Petty’s final NYC performance) had the season end on a high note.” – Brooklyn Vegan (on The National)

“The word renaissance tends to get tossed around pretty casually in the world of New York real estate development, though in the case of Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, the lofty descriptor might just fit.” – Gothamist

Over the past four years, the arena has undergone a massive overhaul to re-design, renovate, and update the iconic Queens venue. From the get-go, the objective has been to restore the historic stadium to its original glory…” – Times Ledger

“If its walls could talk, the former home of the US Open would have spent its final days telling the stories of so many great moments that took place at the stadium built in 1923. So many greats played there like Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, Rod Laver and Chris Evert. There were also many memorable concerts at the venue including the likes of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and Barbra Streisand.” – CBS NY